How we should change the pep rally formula


Alex Nunez, Staffer

After our highly anticipated football game at Lake Brantley, which was highlighted by 5 diss tracks (which as of September 19th has gained over 38 thousand views across Soundcloud and Youtube), the final score was a resounding 42-0 in favor of our Rams. While everyone apart from the Lake Brantley student section knew the eventual outcome on Friday, one thing that was rather surprising was our pep rally before the game. The pep rally, which was the first pep rally not held in the gym in all of my years at Lake Mary High School ,was a rather underwhelming attempt by the higher-ups in school to try and recreate the same magic. Our basic formula consists of bringing out the team, having our dance teams perform, and then the world famous Fight for the Spirit Stick. Well, they didn’t seem to account for the constant audio errors, congested stadium, and rather awkward reception from the underclassmen. I feel that it’s finally time to maybe change it up as the gym is currently under major repairs for the year. Most of my friends agree too, as we felt that while us not being in the gym would normally affect the noise, it still lied no excuse for the constant microphone/music mishaps. 

Only time will tell to see whether or not the higher-ups fix this problem, but as of now it’s a major problem.