Why is the U.S. national soccer team so bad?


Alex Nunez, Staffer

It’s October 10, 2017, and the United States soccer team travels all the way to Couva,Trinidad to face off against the Trinidad & Tobago national team. T&T, whom were in last place in our World Cup qualifying group, had nothing to lose at that point , as they were already disqualified from a possible spot in the 2018 World Cup. For the US, this was their last chance to squeak in after previously poor performances against Mexico and Costa Rica and the imminent firing of our then manager Jurgen Klinsmann. They embarrassingly lost 2-1, failing to qualify for the World Cup, and led to the current down spiral that is the US Men’s National Team. Since then, the closest they’ve gotten to winning any type of silverware since our 2017 Gold Cup win was when they lost the 2019 Gold Cup to Mexico in the final ,and even then it was them being outplayed by the Mexican team all game. 

While they are constantly struggling, on the contrary, their women’s national team is absolutely dominating their competition. Despite their absolute blunder against the U-15 FC Dallas boys where they lost 5-2, they seem to destroy all of their female counterparts. As of the past three years since the US men last won a Gold Cup, their women went a whopping 18-2-0 in 2018, winning the SheBelieves Cup and Tournament of Nations, while in 2019 going 17-1-2 and winning the Women’s World Cup, a world cup where they scored a record thirteen goals in one game. After seeing the women constantly succeed while basically leaving the men in the dust, Americans as fans are just waiting to finally see some improvement from our team. What do you guys think, and how should the US Men try to improve the national team for the better?