Featured Athlete : Braeden Marshall


As I was observing basketball tryouts a couple weeks back, I noticed a very promising player exploding out of the scrimmages and easily making our varsity team, that player being Freshman PG Braeden Marshall.  With a great handle on the basketball and high IQ, I made it a priority to try and find out how he was feeling about the upcoming year, and what he feels may lie in the future for himself and Lake Mary Basketball as a whole.

Q: So Braeden, what position are you looking to play this year?

A: Point Guard

Q: How do you feel about making varsity as a freshman?

A: I feel good, looking forward to a new chapter

Q: How challenging do you feel tryouts were?

A: There was definitely a lot of talent, but I was prepared

Q: What are your personal goals for this season?

A: Obviously our goal is to win states, but right now we are going to focus on winning districts

Q: How do you feel out team fares against the likes of Seminole, Lake Howell, and all these other schools?

A: We should for sure give them a run for their money

Q: And finally, what are your goals for the whole of your high school career?

A: Hopefully by my junior year I should have about 10 D1 offers, and a state championship to my name